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25 years of

Sustainable &
environmentally friendly

fish welfare


SIFT plant

Super-Intensive Farming Technology

  • Seafood Group AS in close cooperation with SIFT Group, represented by TT Management, examined the possibility of land-based salmon farming. We have done this thoroughly and found that option and the technology we believe will have the greatest potential for success.
  • Along with SIFT Group, we will set up a full-scale production plant for salmon with a capacity of 2500-ton per. year.
  • We will start with a building of about 4,500 m2 that will contain the following:
    Two units of full scale production tower
    One unit smolt production tower
    Harvesting plant
    Cold Storage
    Offices and control room


Super-Intensive Farming Technology

There are many different ways of doing land-based aquaculture. After more than 25 years of research, we might have identified the optimal method – described as SIFT – Super-Intensive Farming Technology (SIFT).

This method can be described as the use of long shallow water raceways located in height racks. The water circulates in a velodrome and the layout resembles a river. Parts or all of the water flow is discharged for cleaning approximately every 10 minutes and ensures high water quality for fish in the raceways.

Seafood Group smolt

SIFT advantages

Space saving

Several m2 water surface on smaller areas than for circular tanks – which in turn requires smaller building to a smaller area

Lower investment costs

Significantly reduced need for ground, smaller buildings, compact layout and simplified logistics.

Reduced feed costs

Floating feed served with water flow on the surface – giving very little food waste.

Optimal fish welfare

Continuous customized rate of water flow based on the fish’s requirements as well as monitoring of all parameters that are critical for fish welfare.

Optimal growth

Farming will take place at the optimum temperature for the species combined with proper lighting in terms of circadian rhythm, color selection and intensity.

Disease-free and free of lice

Shortened dwell time in a water that continuously keeps a high quality will lower the risk of bacterial and viral diseases and provide protection against lice.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

SHIFT provides opportunities for self-cleaning water raceways, recycling of all the water and filter emissions.

Easy inspection and maintenance

All raceways and all equipment is easily accessible for both visual and physical control.


Easy to automate the process in terms of both monitoring and adjustments.